Benefits? Mediation costs 90% less than a judicial proceeding.

What? Mediation allows two or more persons to discuss and find solutions with the help of a mediator. The process is confidential, and the mediator’s role is to help the individuals resume communications and find durable solutions.

When? Mediation is effective for solving conflicts, whether within organizations (between managers, professionals, employees, divisions, etc.) or between organizations and their clients, partners or vendors.


Benefits? Coaching costs less than having to deal with employees who leave the organization and have to be replaced, cost of which is evaluated at 150% of their salary.

What? In conflict resolution, coaching enables the manager or professional to settle a situation directly while developing new conflict resolution skills that he or she will be able to use in the future.

When? Coaching helps managers and professionals who are called upon to settle a conflict within their team or who are involved in a conflict that they wish to settle themselves.

Ombudsperson services (visit

Benefits? Every $1 invested in ombudsperson services, helps the organization save $14 in conflict management costs.

What? The ombudsperson acts impartially and confidentially. The ombudsperson is invested with the power to collect all useful information to settle a complaint and to propose concrete solutions to the parties to a conflict.

When? Ombudsperson services are available on an hourly or contractual basis for organizations that do not require the services of a full-time ombudsperson yet wish to provide this conflict resolution option to their employees or clients. Services are also offered to set up an ombudsperson service within an organization.


with clients

Settling clients’ complaints is a moment of truth for any business. How the staff reacts as well as how and when complaints are handled and settled are all factors that play a determining role in clients’ decisions to continue to do business with the company and recommend the latter’s products and services to others.

Here are a few examples of the concrete results we have helped businesses achieve by optimizing their client conflict management processes:

  • Retention of 10,000 additional clients
  • 9% reduction in the number of client complaints escalated following the introduction of new handling standards
  • Settlement of 95% of claims for 25% of the initial requests
  • 75% reduction in the number of complaints filed with regulatory authorities
  • Reduced number of news in the media
  • 20% reduction in processing times through efficient complaint settlement

our approach to optimization

Optimized conflict management enable an organization to analyze the sources of its differences, how they are settled and to identify improvements to reduce the costs and negative impacts. Optimization may concern entire conflict management processes (end-to-end) or parts of these processes.

Over time and with experience, we have developed a proven optimization approach:


with employees (visit

Solving conflicts involving employees has a direct impact on staff motivation and retention as well as on employees’ willingness to contribute and refer their employer to other qualified workers.

Here are a few examples of concrete results we have helped organizations achieve, by optimizing their employee conflict management processes:

  • 80% reduction of conflict management costs by end-to-end process optimization
  • 50% reduction in the number of cases filed with regulatory authorities
  • Quicker settlement of harassment cases
  • Informal and more efficient settling of employee issues thanks to the implementation of a peer referral mechanism


Negotiation with SuccessTM

This course enables participants to understand and master negotiating styles and to adapt strategies and tactics to these styles in order to achieve win-win results. This educational approach combines theoretical notions and hands-on cases to optimize the learning process. The role plays, feedback and coaching are video recorded to accelerate the development of new skills.

The course unfolds over one or two days. The case studies and scenarios are adapted according to business issues and environments. Coaching sessions may be organized after the course to accelerate the learning process.

This course on negotiating has proven its effectiveness over the span of more than 15 years with a host of companies operating in various sectors. It is offered in partnership with Maracon & Associates International (, which developed the content and tools.

Constructive Conflict ResolutionTM

This conflict resolution training is aimed at helping participants gain a better understanding of the sources of conflicts, identify conflicts and react to them in a positive way to produce a win-win result. The educational approach combines theoretical notions and hands-on cases to maximize the learning process. Participants will discuss lessons learned to change their behaviours and identify the required actions to use their new skills in the workplace.

This is a one-day course. Case studies and scenarios are adapted according to business issues and environments.

It is offered in partnership with Maracon & Associates International (, with which content and tools were developed.

Effective conflict managementTM

This course provides managers, professionals and executives responsible for managing conflicts within their organizations with the tools they need to analyze the culture, processes and costs of managing conflicts involving their employees, clients or suppliers. The educational approach combines theoretical notions that the participants apply directly to their processes to become more efficient and generate gains.

This is a two-day course.


Conflicts are assets

This conference deals with the potential of effective conflict management, whether employees, clients or suppliers are involved. Cases in point demonstrate that mastering five basic principles can transform conflicts into opportunities and gains within the reach of any organization.